How do Female Energy Drinks Compare to Male Energy Drinks?


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Make a Promise to Avoid Break-up!


Make a Promise to Avoid Break-up! Never make a promise when you are over joyed Never take a decision when you are angry or sad. The above two lines has deep meaning if you think closely. When was the last time you both sat down for a heavy talk?? When was the last time you used communication as the tool to sort out the differences?? Might be ages ago! Now you are so pissed off, that you both have decided for a break-up. Wow! Clap clap. Just calm down and think, is break-up the ultimate decision?? Will it solve all your problems?? NO! It won’t and instead will make you even more psychologically unavailable. So, take that first step and promise yourself to avoid break-up. How?? Follow the advice’s below. Read: How Do I Get Over A Broken Heart? 1/ Use your brain along with your heart: Why it happens that when it comes to relationship we forget to use our brain?? God gave us for a purpose and we should know how to utilize it. Yes, I agree that the regular fights and tiffs are getting on your nerves, but calm yourself down and use your brain. Ask yourself few questions Is it really necessary to end this relationship?? Does your partner wants this?? Will YOU be happy after this?? Answer all these questions without a break. Use your heart and brain to seek the solutions. Read: Love Is A Souvenir, Once Given Never Forgotten. 2/Ask yourself more questions: Be honest and answer the question: Is it you or your partner who is responsible for the negative vibes?? My point is, fights never happens without the consent of the other partner. So, be calm and reconsider your thinking. Try to find out why this happened. What was the reason behind it. Is your partner really not ready to understand your point or you are becoming extra vulnerable with your emotions?? AVOID EGO and deal with the situation with peace PLEASE. 3/ Think about the old times: Before standing up and voicing your opinion, think about those beautiful past years you had with your partner. How beautifully you both used to handle such fights, how calmly you both used to sort out your issues. What has happened now that you guys are heading for break-up. Where is that love which once blossomed like a beautiful flower?? This is life and it has ups and downs, we just have to deal with them correctly. Read: Too Much Anxiety Means You’re Drifting Apart 4/ Try to talk: Keep your phone’s and laptop aside, and sit down for a serious conversation. Don’t stop the conversation unless it reaches to a conclusion. Try to avoid being cranky,be gentle, apologize if needed, open up, cry out all your issues, all those unsaid thoughts you had and feel free. But yes, both of you have to listen to each other. When one is talking and clearing out his point, the other should not interrupt and vice versa. Be gentle, be a good listener and above all be honest with your feelings. 5/Think what is the issue exactly: At times what happens is, we tend to mix up all the issues during such fights (BREAK-UP FIGHTS). From office issues to our house hold halos, we put everything into that fight. In short, we become so much obsessed with the concept of BREAK UP and I AM RIGHT and YOU ARE WRONG, that we almost forget what we are exactly fighting on. So, take a break, breath deep and use your brain. Read: Top 18: Interesting Questions To Ask a Girl 6/Give time to both of you: Being in a relationship doesn’t mean one looses his/her own freedom or space. Learn to give space, learn to allow them to have a moment with themselves. They too have a world of their own, their friends, be gentle and allow them to live their world. 7/Never repeat the same mistake: Yes! Be a human being and promise not to repeat the same mistake again. And, if the next time there is a fight, promise to sort it out by communicating. Learn to keep your promises and start it all from the beginning. A fresh new journey with new vibes. 8/ Avoid third party: And please, avoid any kind of THIRD PARTY INTERFERENCE. Always remember one thing, you know your partner more than anybody else in this world. Never ever share your personal fights with the rest of the world, they are only their to add fuel to it, I am a personal victim of such THIRD PARTY INTERFERENCE experience and that’s why I can assure you that leaving your friends and family, anybody out there is only there to fuel up your decision of breaking up. Read: Get Married Soon Or Die Hard Trying Keep the above mentioned points in mind and learn to follow them each time there is a turmoil.It’s very easy to end a particular relationship, but it takes a lot of courage and heart to avoid break-up and rekindle that lost spark. So be brave and promise yourself that , no matter what happens you would never go for break-up. And as I always say LOVE WILL FIND THE WAY.. The post Make a Promise to Avoid Break-up! appeared first on

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Are YOU in a Bad Relationship?? Find Out


Are YOU in a Bad Relationship?? Find Out Are you in a Bad Relationship?? Do you think that you are in an abusive relationship? Is letting go and moving on the only options that you have? Are you still uncertain about your relationship? Being in a relationship is no easy task for anyone. Every relationship have some dangers. The root cause of every bad relationship is Jealousy in relationships. When we are in a relationship everything seems to be so Perfect! Your Partner becomes the World to you. But sometimes the seed of Uncertainty spoils everything. Such realization comes late and make it worst. Also Read: 10 Signs to Know if You’re Dating a Girl Worth Keeping There are many ways through which you can make out that you really are in a bad relationship. This too will help you in finding out whether you are ready or sure about your relationship or not. You just need to avoid these things and it will definitely make your relationship good. Also Read: Express Your Love Through Actions Seed of Jealousy: Jealousy is the root cause that makes your relationship bad. If you both or one of the partner is jealous or too possessive about you then, this is definitely a sure sign that you are in a bad relationship. Being possessive is liked by everyone but being over possessive about something or someone is not liked by anyone. If someone tries to Controls You: Often it is seen that many relationships are broken because one of the partner becomes too authoritative and tries to control everything. If you have such a partner you need to rethink about it. Also Read: True Love Gives Meaning To Life. Unwanted sex: You are in an abusive relationship if you are forced to have sex with him when you are not ready for it. Physical intimacy is also important in a relationship but if one of the partner is not ready for it it becomes unwanted or forced sex. Treats you bad: It is always said that one should not tolerate any kind of abuse in a relationship. This is because such relationships never lasts long if one is bullied or treated bad by the other. Also Read: True Love Isn’t Easy, It Can Never Be Replaced. Male Chauvinist: If your partner has such a mentality, you are for sure in a bad relationship. Such men think they are superior to women in every aspect. He always tries to make you feel small in front of him. You have no freedom and your own will to do things in life. A late Realization: This late realization in relationships are very risky. This is because you put in so much in a relationship to nurture it and then suddenly one day you realize that you actually don’t love the person. It was mere liking and not love. This can also be termed as uncertainty in a relationship. Also Read:Nobody Has Ever Measured The Depth Of Love Thus, there are many dangers in a relationship, one among them is UNCERTAINTY. This uncertainty proves to be dangerous because till the time you realize the truth or rather become sure about your feelings towards someone, you have already given so much to it. So, you should never hurry or rush in a relationship always give adequate time to yourself and gradually nurture your relationship. The post Are YOU in a Bad Relationship?? Find Out appeared first on

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Reasons Why She Never Likes You


Reasons Why She Never Likes You! “Why she never likes me??” “Why its like, that, she never considers me more than just a friend??” I am pretty sure that many guys out there have faced this problem many a times. Each time he tries to come closer to a girl, she just ignores him by actually giving him the age old excuse of “WE ARE GOOD FRIENDS YOU KNOW”….Clueless! But, don’t loose your heart and try to look out for the reasons behind. Read: Too Much Anxiety Means You’re Drifting Apart 1/Since childhood we are taught that, a man or any human being is known by his gait and by his dress. Especially in this case, where there is a girl you want to impress, its like the foremost and foremost rule you need to follow. No girl on this earth #likes his guy to be shabbily dressed or over-dressed. They don’t want to roam around with a person who looks like nothing less than a clown. We are not saying that you need to have a high sense of fashion or be like a fashion boss, but having that bit of sense works. Be dressed casually, but please not like- PINK T-SHIRT WITH WHITE PANT! Dress according to the atmosphere or surrounding. How would you feel, if the girl you admire suddenly wears a nice piece of short skirt with her hair oiled and along with that a red bindi and yellow lipstick. She would look like someone from the CONJURING. Scary! Read: Become a Good Girlfriend to Your Boyfriend! 2/Talk brisk, don’t just keep on bantering. Girls hates those guys, who keeps gagging on and on, speaking from what they had in the morning to how his neighbor fought with her child. Or neither we like those guys who just keeps on saying their sad stories to us and is so relentless that no matter how many suggestions we give, they wont just listen. Take a note: GIRLS HATE SUCH GUYS and thus, this might be the reason she never reciprocates to your approach and neither likes your company. Read: Avoid Moving Too Fast in a Relationship 3/Answer this frankly: How would you feel if the girl you like smells like she has not bathed for 10 days ?? Ground-Breaking right?? The same goes with we girls. I mean, what does it takes to maintain a healthy hygiene? Another most important reason why girls stay away from you and your shadow. Read: How to Look Beautiful and Oh-So-Hot in 15 Easy Steps 4/Being a geek or being a nerd is ok, but being an hypocrite, just not ok. Confused?? Let me explain: Girls love freedom as much you guys do. So, each time if you try to cross that boundary and affect her privacy, she is not going to take it in a good way. To be more simpler, calling up each time you see her with any-other guy, stopping her from wearing the dress of her choice, insulting her for her make-up or tattoo, etc. If this is the situation now, I wonder and ponder how would be the same just after she gets into a relationship with you?? HORRIBLE! Read: Are YOU in a Bad Relationship?? Find Out So, these were some strict signs to know why she always ignores your proposal and neither likes your presence. Rest, depends on how you take them and implement in your practical life. Keep reading, keep sharing and yes, #likelovequotes will always be there to guide you and correct you. And as I always say “LOVE WILL FIND THE WAY….” The post Reasons Why She Never Likes You appeared first on

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Just being able to call you mine is one of the biggest treats…


Just being able to call you mine is one of the biggest treats I have ever had! Happy Halloween. The post Just being able to call you mine is one of the biggest treats… appeared first on

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Distance Means So Little When Someone Means So Much


Distance Means So Little When Someone Means So Much Distance Means So Little When Someone Means So Much. Distance doesn’t matter when the love is true, distance doesn’t matter when two hearts are united and loyal to each other. Time or distance means nothing, time or distance can’t tear apart true love. Sometimes people who are right beside you might fail to understand you and it’s the people who are far away from you who could succeed in making you feel better. You can’t really tell if the distance is killing you or making you stronger. But distance never ruins a relationship, if the person is worth it distance means so little. Two hearts that are loyal to each other, two hearts that really care for each other, could never get’s drifted apart by distance. If the person is worth your love, the waiting is worth it too. As long as both are honest to each other distance can’t tear them apart. Your love will keep you together even if you are separated by time or place. Read: 10 Love Quotes For Long Distance Relationships Read: Proof That Long Distance Relationships Last Forever! This Will Make You Cry Read: 15 Ways to Save a Long Distance Relationship The post Distance Means So Little When Someone Means So Much appeared first on

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4 Traits of Healthy Relationships


4 Traits of Healthy Relationships Being in a Relationship is a special feeling. Healthy Relationships is the feeling of knowing that there is someone, especially for you. But the exciting thing is that we can do much more to increase our chances of having terrific relationships—relationships that are fulfilling and exciting, rich with meaning, joy, and love. So here is my list of 4 essentials that make up a healthy relationship: Read: 10 Subtle Hand Gestures To Make Your Date Fall For You Honest Communication: An honest Communication is key for a successful and healthy relationship. If you can’t be yourself in front of someone you are in a relationship with, then there is no point in being in that relationship. Communication is the key. Patience: One of my favorite quotes is, “Rome was not built in a day”. Read: Love Can Never Be Beautiful Without Friendship It holds perfectly well for building up a relationship. It takes time, to take in all the likes and dislikes and preferences of your partner. It’s not your fault neither it is your partner’s fault, it is just a passing phase of life. Loyalty-key for healthy relationship: It’s sad to say that, it is one of the missing elements in today’s modern relationships. Read: Just Looking At You, Makes My Heart Race. Loyalty is worth everything Just remember, that your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s wandering eyes are not a problem until in their minds they are clear that you are the only one who can accept them with their flaws. Sadly in today’s time, everybody is in a hurry, all the time. And this mentality has spoiled our relationships more than anything else. If, “he is not complying to what I want” or “she just does not understand me”, are the reasons for your break up then I urge you to please give your relationship a bit more time and a bit more loyalty from your side. These two times are like light and water to a plant. The Element called fun: Yes! This point is as trivial as it sounds. Having small joyful moments with the one you love is like oxygen for your relationship. Read: Loyal Women Deserve The Best Fun is important And it is this trivial element that goes missing immediately when a fling mutates into a relationship. Why? Read: 12 Bad Habits That Will Make Your Partner Want To Leave You Having fun with your partner is just like oxygen to your relationships. SO, go on those long drives and those lazy evenings that you two shared beckon. The post 4 Traits of Healthy Relationships appeared first on

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10 Love Quotes For Long Distance Relationships


10 Love Quotes For Long Distance Relationships I hate that you had a bad day and I can’t even get to you! [ Read: [Long Distance Quote] Together forever, never apart, may be in distance but… ] [ Read: Birthday Surprise from a Long Distance Relationship Love ] [ Read: Proof That Long Distance Relationships Last Forever! This Will Make You Cry ] The post 10 Love Quotes For Long Distance Relationships appeared first on

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[Long Distance Quote] Together forever, never apart, may be in distance but…


Together forever, never apart, may be in distance but never at heart. The post [Long Distance Quote] Together forever, never apart, may be in distance but… appeared first on

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Text Messages That Turn Her On!


Text Messages That Turn Her On! What should I say to her in a text message that turn her on? How to turn her on through text messages? Dirty questions that turn her on through text messages? People who are dating talk everything to each other. It can be anything which makes their conversation going. But before talking ‘Dirty’ to your partner, there are some questions that you need to ask yourself. One such question that you need to ask yourself Is your partner comfortable with you talking ‘dirty’ to her through text messages? Are you planning to take your relationship to that level where you can talk anything that turns her on through Text Messages? You need to think twice before you plan to text her a dirty question. One should never text something that is cheap and can offend her in any sense. One should always maintain some kind of dignity even while talking or texting such dirty questions to your girlfriend or your wife that turns them on. Sometimes people fail to understand that they have crossed the thin line that differentiate a decent man from an indecent one. Also Read: 6 Cheesy Love Quotes To Text To Your Crush In order to turn her on through text messages, the guy need to talk something that excite her. He needs to respond to her messages with the words that convey double meaning which will make her understand that what are you trying to convey and want from her. It is the guy who need to first make her comfortable talking things that turn her on over a text message. The man need to understand that girls take time to open up and talk such things to them. It is the responsibility of the guy to make her understand that it is normal to talk ‘Dirty’ sometimes. Girls need to understand that they will not be judged by their partner if they talk such things to him. Also Read: What Should You do if Your Guy is Chatting with Multiple Girls Online? Moreover, one can easily have such conversations through text messages because they are not sitting face to face which might make them uncomfortable while talking on such topics. Talking behind the phone is easy than to talk dirty things in person. If you want to turn a girl on over a text message you need to talk things which implies double meaning. This is because sometimes it helps the man to escape the awkward situation if he finds that the girl is not comfortable talking dirty things with him through texts messages. Hence, one should always keep in mind the appropriate time to talk dirty questions to a girl maintaining some kind of dignity. The post Text Messages That Turn Her On! appeared first on

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