10 Tips to Make Christmas Memories That Last


– LikeLoveQuotes.com 10 Tips to Make Christmas Memories That Last Christmas and the holiday season is an amazing time. You are completely at peace, surrounded by your friends, family and their kids. It is the time when everyone thinks, “Sigh…This is the life.” But it might so happen that we over-burden ourselves with Christmas chores and forget to make Christmas about anything else but the food. Hence, it is important that you carefully plan your days and manage your time in order to make your Christmas memorable and happy for you and your family. Let us check out a few ways in which you can make your Christmas memories last! Click a lot of pictures What worth is all the fun, if you don’t have something to see, comment on or discuss post the celebrations? So click a lot of pictures of yourself, your Christmas decorations, Christmas tree, your family, friends and the entire festive occasion. This will always keep your memory refreshed on what was that year’s Christmas like. Check out: 15 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again Make a scrap book Of what use are the pictures if you are just going to wrap them up and put them in a corner? Maintain a scrapbook by the name of ‘Christmas memories’. Stick at least 5 extremely special pictures of Christmas of this year. Title every page by the year names “2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 ”. Try to make each of your Christmas years different and better than the previous one. Don’t focus on the gifts, but the celebration Usually Christmas is reduced to the exchanging of gifts. So plan a ‘no gift’ Christmas, to take all the focus away from gifts. This way, you and your family would be more open to doing different things and enjoy the Christmas spirit. Sing Christmas Carols and record them Make a tradition of recording Christmas carols along with your guitarist friends. Record them over a tape every year and also reflect on what carols you sang last year and it would definitely make you laugh as well. No better way to enjoy memories than to record a group of family and friends interacting and singing merry songs. Christmas themed food Try to make sandwiches in the shape of a tree or Santa shaped cookies. This will add to your joy of Christmas and your kids will forever ask for the Santa shaped sweets you prepared last year! Also read: 10 tips to reduce stress and avoid family conflicts this Christmas Prepare Christmas cards Instead of buying Christmas cards, try to make Christmas and holiday greeting cards. This will help you bond with your children and make the whole activity a lot more fun. You will also save a little money. Do something unusual Best way to make a Christmas memory is to do something different than what you might ever do on a Christmas. Visit a zoo with your children or enjoy a sports game with your kids. You could also go visit various parks and enjoy the weather! Read a different Christmas book Read a different Christmas book to your kids each year. Make this a tradition in your family. This way, they will not only enjoy their Christmas but also wait for a new story each year. Have a tech free Christmas Keep a common ban on laptops, mobile phones, televisions and anything technology related. You don’t want your family gathered around, all busy on their phones on Christmas day! 10. Attend local events There are a variety of local events that happen in every neighbourhood during Christmas. Go along with your children to attend that, it will not only be easy on the pocket but also a fun time you can spend outside with your family. Read here: 10 best ways to celebrate Christmas So how do you make sure your Christmas memories last? Tell us how you enjoy your Christmas! The post 10 Tips to Make Christmas Memories That Last appeared first on LikeLoveQuotes.com.

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10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas when your partner is away from you


– LikeLoveQuotes.com 10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas when your partner is away from you Christmas is a great time when everyone is surrounded by their family and friends. But if you have recently moved for further studies or work wise, you might be away from your family. This can be quite tough, especially if you are in a new city. It could also be that your partner is far away due to his or her professional commitment or other personal emergency. In either case, you must not lose heart and dread your Christmas. We remember how Chandler spent his Christmas in Tulsa and missed Monica so much that he actually quit his job and flied back to see her. Is this possible in real life? Not really, it isn’t. You might not want to quit your job or expect your partner to quit theirs just because you’ll are away for one Christmas. We tell you a few ways to celebrate Christmas even when your partner is away from you. Invite friends over Don’t plan a lonely and quiet Christmas. This can be a mood spoiler. Be around people. Invite your extended family or friends. Keep yourself busy in prepping for a great party at your house. Spend time with the kids If you are with your kids this Christmas, keep the focus on them. Make them happy and prepare sweet treats for them. They will keep you very busy and happy with their constant bantering and fun. Check out: 15 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again Tell your partner you miss them Take some time off your Christmas chores and spend a good time with your partner over a phone call or a Skype call. Tell them how much you miss them and how you hope they are having a good time. Make them talk to your kids on the phone as well. This brings a sense of belonging and will get you through the Christmas. Do something you love This is the perfect time to watch that Christmas movie you wanted to since all these years but never could due to hectic schedules and chores. Read the books you have been meaning to read since ages. This is a good time to do things you like and haven’t gotten the time for. Rebuild connections Call everyone this Christmas. Re-bond with your family tree. Call your distance cousins, friends from high school, your aunts and uncles. This way you will not only spread Christmas joy but will get updates on what’s going on with all of them. You might not even feel lonely or alone. Go sight-seeing If you are the one who is away from family and you are in a new city, wouldn’t it be amazing to discuss the diverse Christmas celebration they have around there? Go and roam around the streets of the city and see how they celebrate Christmas. This will make you explore new things and not be homesick. Also read: 10 Tips to Make Christmas Memories That Last Share the pictures Due to the advent of technology, it is practically possible to be witnessing almost everything going on at a place which is thousand miles away from you. So share pictures of you, decorations, your home, the street lights with your partner and give them a feel of how your Christmas is going. Get musical If you love singing Christmas carols, enroll yourself for a local event. Invite your friends over, and jam with them. Sing carols at home with your children. If you love playing an instrument like guitar or mouth organ, play it and entertain your party guests. Get a good sleep Christmas can be a very busy time. When you are with your partner, you have to manage the routine of both of you, and squeeze out time to spend together. Instead of sulking over your partner’s absence, take time off to get a good sleep and refresh yourself for a bright Christmas day. 10. Fly down to surprise them This might be the least likely possibility, because not many couples do that. But it is by far the most adventurous thing of the list; you can have a small vacation with your partner by surprising them by arriving at the place where they are at. This is sure to make your Christmas merrier and joyous! Read here: 10 Tips for Surviving Christmas if you are a Separated Parent How do you spend your Christmas when your partner is away from you? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section. The post 10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas when your partner is away from you appeared first on LikeLoveQuotes.com.

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15 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again


– LikeLoveQuotes.com 15 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again Time flies. Our childhood turns into adulthood in a quick span of time. Receiving numerous gifts as a child on a Christmas morning was pretty awesome for you, too, I’m sure. As you grow up, the gifts you get change too. Once you’re an adult you might get some clothes or a perfume, or something pretty standard. While as a child, there was a plethora of different things you would get, and you would love it all! You know your heart still wants those things to play with! Let’s have a look at some things which we will never ever receive for Christmas again! G.I. Joe action figures They are probably every little boy’s first toy heroes. Those bad boys made you believe good always wins over the evil and were the soldiers in all our imaginary toy wars. Roller Skates or a Skate Board Roller skates and skateboards are every teenager’s dream. They scoot around the neighbourhood with their feet on fire! Lego Who doesn’t miss Lego, and creating your own warrior ship , a beautiful castle or a bridge connecting two cities. Check out: 15 Tips to Save $500 by Christmas A Barbie doll A Barbie doll is every little girl’s best friend. You have carried her around everywhere you went when you were a child. Set of crayons All budding artists could get nothing better than a huge set of a crayon box that has so many different colour pastels in it. Sketch pens, crayons, color pencils, you have lived for that stuff! UNO cards Who didn’t like playing a game of UNO with their friends? Draw 2, draw 4 were the most valuable cards, and it was never a boring game. Colouring books How we used to love filling in different colours in our cute little art books. Who didn’t get told to stay within the lines while colouring? Also read: 10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas when your partner is away from you VHS cassette A VHS cassette of the Lion King, Pink Panther or Tom & Jerry or any silly cartoon movie, was a must during childhood days. Those things are obsolete now, and soon DVDs will be, too! Kitchen Set Little girls always love playing mommies during the childhood. The kitchen set with small utensils and cook-ware was a must for every girl. Who wouldn’t want to play cook again? 10. Talking teddy There was always a soft toy gift which would say “I love you” or something really adorable when you pressed a button. Oh, the joy! 11. Jigsaw puzzle The intellectual in us always wanted to solve jigsaw puzzles. Be it 200 pieces or 1000 pieces, one would never be at rest until the whole puzzle was solved. That was a gift which was enjoyed by our friends and family too! 12. An easy bake oven Little girls who wanted to cook delicious treats had their mind set on the easy bake oven which uses light bulb to cook yummy delicious delights! 13. The Blopens These pens would be the staple to decorate your greeting cards and help make your plain art papers look colourful and bright! 14. Pokemon Cards Who didn’t love Pikachu? Everyone had a huge collection of Pokemon cards. Your worth was defined how big your collection of Pokemon cards was. It was a favourite amongst little boys who loved anime. 15. Lot of CLAY Clay was a great gift for the artistic kinds. We could mould different animals, bridges, buildings or cars using clay. Oh what fun that was! Read here: 10 Tips to Make Christmas Memories That Last What was one thing that you always adored as a Christmas present and you will never probably get it again? Share with us in the comments section! The post 15 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again appeared first on LikeLoveQuotes.com.

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15 Tips To Save $500 By Christmas


– LikeLoveQuotes.com 15 Tips to Save $500 by Christmas Christmas is a merry time alright, but it might not be so merry when it comes to your pocket. The holidays can leave a huge dent in your savings, especially if you don’t keep a check on how much you want to spend this Christmas. It’s always a better to plan a budget for your Christmas, so that you don’t overspend or get carried away. You can actually save a lot of money by Christmas if you start preparing for it a couple of months in advance. Cut out unnecessary costs and have a better Christmas without worrying too much about your expenses! Lets go through each one of them in detail: Send E-greetings Greeting cards can cost a huge chunk of money. And you might want to send greetings to your far-off relatives. This can cost you major time and money. Hence save money by sending E-greetings from websites or through messenger apps like WhatsApp or Skype. Save on wrapping paper Using fancy wrapping paper to wrap up the entire bunch of gifts get will be very expensive. Instead, try using fancy magazine covers or last year’s greeting cards. You can use craft paper or a chart paper. You can also get creative and write in personal wishes when making your own customised gift wrap! Use coupons and vouchers This is the best time to cash in those stacked up coupons and vouchers you have had for so long. This is the easiest way to save a few bucks. Using coupons can help you save up to $75 a month. Check out: 10 tips to reduce stress and avoid family conflicts this Christmas Give up your gym membership Let’s face it, you might have a gym membership, but you don’t go there as often as you would like to. It is not only demoralising, but also costs you a lot of money. Try doing something at home, instead. You can help with chores, go for a jog or try aerobics and freehand exercises at home without having to pay for a membership that financially weighs you down. Sell extra stuff on-line There are various websites where you can sell your old stuff which you don’t really need any more. Try selling your old electronics or furniture to free up some space around the house. Start this process a month or two before Christmas to earn a decent amount of money. Wash your car Washing your car can save you some money! It will also give you the much-needed exercise during the holiday season and also make your car spick and span. Drive less Try walking the distances which are not too far from your home. This will help save on fuel and other car related expenses. Rent out a room of your apartment If you have a huge apartment with a room lying empty, you can get a room-mate or paying guest around. This will make your Christmas more joyful with company around and help you make some quick bucks. Also read: 15 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again Do a part time job Do a part time job of teaching or taking some sort of classes. You can babysit for your relatives, or do some freelance writing to earn some extra cash. 10. Give up smoking Smoking is injurious to health and also costs you a lot of money. What better day to quit smoking than the advent of the New Year! Make a new resolution and give up that twig. 11. Send hand-made greetings You can also save by sending out simple hand-made greetings instead of expensive branded ones. 12. Gardening Instead of hiring help for domestic work like cleaning, gardening you can invite a friend over and do it with them. It will not only help you get things done but will also feel like less of a task! 13. Skip the ATM fees Try to locate the ATMs which don’t charge convenience fees from you using Google Home or various other apps. This can help you save a lot of money. Also use the ATM wisely once or twice a month during Christmas instead of 4-5 times. 14. Skip the premium channels Give up on premium TV channels a month or two before Christmas. Lose the subscriptions, because you might not end up watching those channels due to your hectic schedule. 15. Downgrade your cellphone plan If you have an active messaging plan and never use it, give up on it immediately. And downgrade your mobile phone plan to prevent unnecessary expenditure. Read here: 10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas when your partner is away from you How do you plan on saving some bucks by Christmas? Share with us in the comment section. The post 15 Tips To Save $500 By Christmas appeared first on LikeLoveQuotes.com.

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10 tips to reduce stress and avoid family conflicts this Christmas


– LikeLoveQuotes.com 10 tips to reduce stress and avoid family conflicts this Christmas Christmas is a joyful and merry time. But what goes into making Christmas joyous and memorable can be quite painful too. There are several disagreements, fights, difference of opinions, lot of chores, adjustments, conflicts that happen when a lot of people come together. One just cannot escape that! The amount of hard work and conflicts that go into making Christmas joyous, in fact spoil all the fun and joy of Christmas. Thus, it is essential that a family keeps its peace and manages to adjust and bring a great Christmas and a happy new year without getting into stress and fights. Let’s see a few tips to reduce the stress and avoid family conflicts during Christmas time or the holiday season! Discuss with the family Make Christmas plans together with your family. Let them know what you plan for this year and also take into considerations their suggestions and views. This will help them feel a part of the Christmas chores group. Otherwise, they might feel forced to do what you asked them to do. Children will take special interests if their ideas are considered and admired. Divide responsibilities Divide responsibilities within your family. Make your husband in charge of the decoration and shopping. Your son could be in charge of the indoor games that are to be played and cleaning chores. Your daughter can be in charge of decorating the Christmas tree and also assisting you in the cooking chores. This way, no one will interfere with the other and no one will be idle as well. Check out: 15 Tips to Save $500 by Christmas Take time off (Relax) Keep time for yourself a day before Christmas to relax and get some rest. If you tire yourself out before Christmas, there is very little chance that you might actually enjoy the Christmas day with puffy eyes and swollen feet. Do a physical activity When you’re on a holiday spree and there are so many tasks at hand, there is no sign of exercise or any physical activity, because where is the time? Try doing some physical activity, as it will refresh your mind and boost your energy. Go for a walk, a run, meditate in the garden, hit the gym. All these activities will take care of your health mentally as well as physically. Don’t panic If something does go wrong, don’t panic and create a scene. Don’t spoil everyone’s mood and spirit over small things which can be easily overlooked. Look over the materialistic things this Christmas and have fun with your entire family tree. Forgive and Forget Small things are often said and joked about when a whole family gets together. If you obsess on it and let it spoil your day, there is no end to it. Hence, ignore the small remarks that you might hear or some complaints that you might get and enjoy the bigger things this Christmas. Also read: 15 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again Say “no” to things It is important to say “no” to certain things. Like your children might force you to prepare an array of dishes this Christmas, which will tire you out. You have to be blunt and say no and make them choose a couple of dishes they would like. Don’t pick faults Everyone might not really do things as per your expectations or likes, but picking faults and throwing tantrums will only make the situation worse. Tell them in a nice way about what you think could make it better and see the work get done quickly. Don’t plan and perspire Don’t over plan things, cause during holidays nothing really goes as per a fixed plan. While it is necessary to have some amount of planning at hand, don’t be adamant that everything goes as per your plan. Remember, that you’re a family Small disputes, stress and conflicts are bound to happen when 15-20 people get together under a roof. Try to see past that, and push the recovery mode. Always remember that you are a family and it is a merry time, to be thankful for! Read here: 10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas when your partner is away from you How do you deal with conflicts in your family during the holiday season? Share with us in the comments section! The post 10 tips to reduce stress and avoid family conflicts this Christmas appeared first on LikeLoveQuotes.com.

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We Are In The Last Month Of The Year


We Are In The Last Month Of The Year We are in the last month of the year. Just felt I should thank everyone who made me smile this year. You are one of them thank you. I am really happy to have you in my life, you gave me some good random memories to cherish, your memories made me smile, even when you were not around. No matter what is going on in my life, those random memories about you never failed to make me smile. Thank you for being in my life, you are the best gift I could ever dream of. Thank you for being so kind, caring and loving. You made me laugh, even when I don’t want to smile. Thank you for being such a special part of my life that you are and will always be. Thank you for being with me in every ups and down’s in my life. Without you life wouldn’t be so wonderful, you are both greatly loved and appreciated. Thank you for coming in to my life, the time we spent together were some of the best times in my life. My life is filled with amazing people, than you for being one of them. Read: 10 Professional Resolutions for the New Year Read: How to be a Happy Couple That’s Envied by All Read: 5 Very Nice Rules in Love The post We Are In The Last Month Of The Year appeared first on LikeLoveQuotes.com.

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Make a Promise to Avoid Break-up!


Make a Promise to Avoid Break-up! Never make a promise when you are over joyed Never take a decision when you are angry or sad. The above two lines has deep meaning if you think closely. When was the last time you both sat down for a heavy talk?? When was the last time you used communication as the tool to sort out the differences?? Might be ages ago! Now you are so pissed off, that you both have decided for a break-up. Wow! Clap clap. Just calm down and think, is break-up the ultimate decision?? Will it solve all your problems?? NO! It won’t and instead will make you even more psychologically unavailable. So, take that first step and promise yourself to avoid break-up. How?? Follow the advice’s below. Read: How Do I Get Over A Broken Heart? 1/ Use your brain along with your heart: Why it happens that when it comes to relationship we forget to use our brain?? God gave us for a purpose and we should know how to utilize it. Yes, I agree that the regular fights and tiffs are getting on your nerves, but calm yourself down and use your brain. Ask yourself few questions Is it really necessary to end this relationship?? Does your partner wants this?? Will YOU be happy after this?? Answer all these questions without a break. Use your heart and brain to seek the solutions. Read: Love Is A Souvenir, Once Given Never Forgotten. 2/Ask yourself more questions: Be honest and answer the question: Is it you or your partner who is responsible for the negative vibes?? My point is, fights never happens without the consent of the other partner. So, be calm and reconsider your thinking. Try to find out why this happened. What was the reason behind it. Is your partner really not ready to understand your point or you are becoming extra vulnerable with your emotions?? AVOID EGO and deal with the situation with peace PLEASE. 3/ Think about the old times: Before standing up and voicing your opinion, think about those beautiful past years you had with your partner. How beautifully you both used to handle such fights, how calmly you both used to sort out your issues. What has happened now that you guys are heading for break-up. Where is that love which once blossomed like a beautiful flower?? This is life and it has ups and downs, we just have to deal with them correctly. Read: Too Much Anxiety Means You’re Drifting Apart 4/ Try to talk: Keep your phone’s and laptop aside, and sit down for a serious conversation. Don’t stop the conversation unless it reaches to a conclusion. Try to avoid being cranky,be gentle, apologize if needed, open up, cry out all your issues, all those unsaid thoughts you had and feel free. But yes, both of you have to listen to each other. When one is talking and clearing out his point, the other should not interrupt and vice versa. Be gentle, be a good listener and above all be honest with your feelings. 5/Think what is the issue exactly: At times what happens is, we tend to mix up all the issues during such fights (BREAK-UP FIGHTS). From office issues to our house hold halos, we put everything into that fight. In short, we become so much obsessed with the concept of BREAK UP and I AM RIGHT and YOU ARE WRONG, that we almost forget what we are exactly fighting on. So, take a break, breath deep and use your brain. Read: Top 18: Interesting Questions To Ask a Girl 6/Give time to both of you: Being in a relationship doesn’t mean one looses his/her own freedom or space. Learn to give space, learn to allow them to have a moment with themselves. They too have a world of their own, their friends, be gentle and allow them to live their world. 7/Never repeat the same mistake: Yes! Be a human being and promise not to repeat the same mistake again. And, if the next time there is a fight, promise to sort it out by communicating. Learn to keep your promises and start it all from the beginning. A fresh new journey with new vibes. 8/ Avoid third party: And please, avoid any kind of THIRD PARTY INTERFERENCE. Always remember one thing, you know your partner more than anybody else in this world. Never ever share your personal fights with the rest of the world, they are only their to add fuel to it, I am a personal victim of such THIRD PARTY INTERFERENCE experience and that’s why I can assure you that leaving your friends and family, anybody out there is only there to fuel up your decision of breaking up. Read: Get Married Soon Or Die Hard Trying Keep the above mentioned points in mind and learn to follow them each time there is a turmoil.It’s very easy to end a particular relationship, but it takes a lot of courage and heart to avoid break-up and rekindle that lost spark. So be brave and promise yourself that , no matter what happens you would never go for break-up. And as I always say LOVE WILL FIND THE WAY.. The post Make a Promise to Avoid Break-up! appeared first on LikeLoveQuotes.com.

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Are YOU in a Bad Relationship?? Find Out


Are YOU in a Bad Relationship?? Find Out Are you in a Bad Relationship?? Do you think that you are in an abusive relationship? Is letting go and moving on the only options that you have? Are you still uncertain about your relationship? Being in a relationship is no easy task for anyone. Every relationship have some dangers. The root cause of every bad relationship is Jealousy in relationships. When we are in a relationship everything seems to be so Perfect! Your Partner becomes the World to you. But sometimes the seed of Uncertainty spoils everything. Such realization comes late and make it worst. Also Read: 10 Signs to Know if You’re Dating a Girl Worth Keeping There are many ways through which you can make out that you really are in a bad relationship. This too will help you in finding out whether you are ready or sure about your relationship or not. You just need to avoid these things and it will definitely make your relationship good. Also Read: Express Your Love Through Actions Seed of Jealousy: Jealousy is the root cause that makes your relationship bad. If you both or one of the partner is jealous or too possessive about you then, this is definitely a sure sign that you are in a bad relationship. Being possessive is liked by everyone but being over possessive about something or someone is not liked by anyone. If someone tries to Controls You: Often it is seen that many relationships are broken because one of the partner becomes too authoritative and tries to control everything. If you have such a partner you need to rethink about it. Also Read: True Love Gives Meaning To Life. Unwanted sex: You are in an abusive relationship if you are forced to have sex with him when you are not ready for it. Physical intimacy is also important in a relationship but if one of the partner is not ready for it it becomes unwanted or forced sex. Treats you bad: It is always said that one should not tolerate any kind of abuse in a relationship. This is because such relationships never lasts long if one is bullied or treated bad by the other. Also Read: True Love Isn’t Easy, It Can Never Be Replaced. Male Chauvinist: If your partner has such a mentality, you are for sure in a bad relationship. Such men think they are superior to women in every aspect. He always tries to make you feel small in front of him. You have no freedom and your own will to do things in life. A late Realization: This late realization in relationships are very risky. This is because you put in so much in a relationship to nurture it and then suddenly one day you realize that you actually don’t love the person. It was mere liking and not love. This can also be termed as uncertainty in a relationship. Also Read:Nobody Has Ever Measured The Depth Of Love Thus, there are many dangers in a relationship, one among them is UNCERTAINTY. This uncertainty proves to be dangerous because till the time you realize the truth or rather become sure about your feelings towards someone, you have already given so much to it. So, you should never hurry or rush in a relationship always give adequate time to yourself and gradually nurture your relationship. The post Are YOU in a Bad Relationship?? Find Out appeared first on LikeLoveQuotes.com.

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Reasons Why She Never Likes You


Reasons Why She Never Likes You! “Why she never likes me??” “Why its like, that, she never considers me more than just a friend??” I am pretty sure that many guys out there have faced this problem many a times. Each time he tries to come closer to a girl, she just ignores him by actually giving him the age old excuse of “WE ARE GOOD FRIENDS YOU KNOW”….Clueless! But, don’t loose your heart and try to look out for the reasons behind. Read: Too Much Anxiety Means You’re Drifting Apart 1/Since childhood we are taught that, a man or any human being is known by his gait and by his dress. Especially in this case, where there is a girl you want to impress, its like the foremost and foremost rule you need to follow. No girl on this earth #likes his guy to be shabbily dressed or over-dressed. They don’t want to roam around with a person who looks like nothing less than a clown. We are not saying that you need to have a high sense of fashion or be like a fashion boss, but having that bit of sense works. Be dressed casually, but please not like- PINK T-SHIRT WITH WHITE PANT! Dress according to the atmosphere or surrounding. How would you feel, if the girl you admire suddenly wears a nice piece of short skirt with her hair oiled and along with that a red bindi and yellow lipstick. She would look like someone from the CONJURING. Scary! Read: Become a Good Girlfriend to Your Boyfriend! 2/Talk brisk, don’t just keep on bantering. Girls hates those guys, who keeps gagging on and on, speaking from what they had in the morning to how his neighbor fought with her child. Or neither we like those guys who just keeps on saying their sad stories to us and is so relentless that no matter how many suggestions we give, they wont just listen. Take a note: GIRLS HATE SUCH GUYS and thus, this might be the reason she never reciprocates to your approach and neither likes your company. Read: Avoid Moving Too Fast in a Relationship 3/Answer this frankly: How would you feel if the girl you like smells like she has not bathed for 10 days ?? Ground-Breaking right?? The same goes with we girls. I mean, what does it takes to maintain a healthy hygiene? Another most important reason why girls stay away from you and your shadow. Read: How to Look Beautiful and Oh-So-Hot in 15 Easy Steps 4/Being a geek or being a nerd is ok, but being an hypocrite, just not ok. Confused?? Let me explain: Girls love freedom as much you guys do. So, each time if you try to cross that boundary and affect her privacy, she is not going to take it in a good way. To be more simpler, calling up each time you see her with any-other guy, stopping her from wearing the dress of her choice, insulting her for her make-up or tattoo, etc. If this is the situation now, I wonder and ponder how would be the same just after she gets into a relationship with you?? HORRIBLE! Read: Are YOU in a Bad Relationship?? Find Out So, these were some strict signs to know why she always ignores your proposal and neither likes your presence. Rest, depends on how you take them and implement in your practical life. Keep reading, keep sharing and yes, #likelovequotes will always be there to guide you and correct you. And as I always say “LOVE WILL FIND THE WAY….” The post Reasons Why She Never Likes You appeared first on LikeLoveQuotes.com.

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Just being able to call you mine is one of the biggest treats…


Just being able to call you mine is one of the biggest treats I have ever had! Happy Halloween. The post Just being able to call you mine is one of the biggest treats… appeared first on LikeLoveQuotes.com.

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